VoIP Hosted Solutions

Cloud-based Business Phone Systems

Increase your Productivity and Mobility at a Fraction of the Cost

GO4 Technologies VoIP Hosted Solutions offer the flexibility, affordability and reliability you need for your business communications.  Unlike traditional PBX systems, there is no bulky hardware or expensive set up, the only tangible equipment a company invests in are the phones.  We provide service to all of the devices, including those in remote locations – one of the distinguishing factors between premise-based and hosted VoIP.  Since hosted VoIP lives in the cloud, the investment and maintenance of hardware and software are taken care of by us, not you.  Installation is quick and you are able to seamlessly integrate multiple locations.

Our VoIP Hosted services, along with our strategic partners, offer your business a hosted, online PBX solution. This plug-and-play suite of voice and data services can fully integrate with your current PBX system or a scalable, comprehensive package can be designed for your location.

Enjoy the benefits of Cloud VoIP Hosted Solutions:

  • Low Cost
  • Easy Managed
  • Improved call satisfaction
  • Use your computers, laptops and tablets to manage your phone system
  • Easily Expandable
  • Quick Disaster Recovery Responses

Take your Telecommunications to the Cloud!

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