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Custom IT Support Based on Industry Needs

There is a common risk through every industry, and through every business—effective IT support is the key to the growth of your business. GO4 Technologies partners with businesses to deliver targeted, IT solutions specific to your industry’s needs. Our ability to understand a wide variety of industries and their particular components has helped us become a partner with our clients by truly understanding their needs and challenges.  Here are a few of the industries we have successfully provided IT solutions, to help businesses focus on what they do best.

GO4 Technologies keeps IT simple, no matter how complex things get.


GO4 Technologies provides a hospitality-ready solution that enables you to improve your overall guest experience. We offer a variety of free, pay or hybrid Internet access models for your hotel or resort, from the lobby, to your guest’s room, to everywhere in between.  No matter on the solution your business requires, we will ensure its simplicity. We deliver centralized management and security (PCI, SOX and CALEA compliant), scalability, support and affordability.


Educators and administrators are looking for ways to make computer technology accessible to all students, to promote new ways of learning, and to better prepare tomorrow’s leaders for the high-tech world that awaits them.  GO4 Technologies provides network support and provides centralized security and management.  Our solutions give educators and students the tools they need to stay connected and productive, teaching and learning – anytime, anywhere.


The healthcare landscape is always changing, but the need for personalized, professional, and secure connections remains.  We provide healthcare institutions, providers and networks with the custom IT support and technology requirements needed.  Our HIPAA compliant solution provides critical safeguards to protect patient data and ensure all devices operate within a safe environment.


Restaurateurs are always in search of ways to enhance customer service, and offering HotSpot as an amenity will enhance your costumers’ experience. We offer a restaurant-ready platform that enables you to develop WiFi as part of your brand. We ensure it’s all simple for you by delivering centralized security and management, 24/7 POS support, and reliable costumer service.


Today, retailers rely on innovation to enhance customer service, differentiate their stores, streamline operations and increase revenue.  Challenges include security, device management, asset management and support.  GO4Technologies offers a wireless platform that enables you to securely utilize mobile devices, so you spend your time helping customers. We can drive portable devices and public HotSpot kiosks within your retail space, to increase revenue and brand loyalty.


We work closely with you to make sure your firm’s partners, associates, staff and clients IT needs are met.  With GO4 Technologies IT Solutions, you can eliminate the burden and distraction of maintaining your own IT infrastructure. We take care of hardware and software upgrades, security updates, disaster recovery, backups and more—anything associated with managing information technology.